Motiv Ring


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The Brief

I worked closely with Dirango based in Los Angeles and Motiv's internal team to bring the Motiv ring alive through a refined interactive experience while still being accessible on a variety of screen sizes and devices.

The Approach

Speed was crucial so I choose an ultra-lean combination of Node.js for serving static files and Handlebars.js for dynamic templates and the awesome template helpers it has built in. To keep the system scalable and easy to maintain for the Motiv team I integrated sass, webpack and ECMA6 to keep the code base modular.

The Result

An emersive interactive user-experience with a clearly defined conversion goal.

Due to the high traffic nature of the site, big optimisations had to take place in the code base to reduce strain on the server. Optimisation efforts resulted in a home page size of just 800kb and an average load time of under 700ms.