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We're Pixelbin Web Agency

A detail orientated, innovative and forward-thinking team of professional developers based in London who plan, design and create websites and applications.

Meet Our Web Team

We're a Small Web Agency but We're Deadly Effective

We do it all. But to us, "website designer" doesn't feel like it captures the spirit of our team. We grew up as chldren using the internet - day in, day out - and so it's the space where we feel most comfortable to be creative.

Andy Founder, Full-stack Web Developer & UI Designer
Diran The Web Strategist
Jason The Front-end Web Developer
Vince The Content Strategist & Copywriter

Our Process

Our web development process was formulated to relieve some of the stresses of running a business giving you more time for the things matter.



We start with a discovery process so we can fully understand you, your idea and ideal end goals.

Then we execute a thorough project analysis and market assessment ranging from a macro view of competition and industry best-practices, down to micro details like the best colour schemes to use for you niche. Planning makes prefect.



Now we have our research and blueprints on our desk, we can begin to design your website from the ground up.

Using our collective expertise and years of industry experience, we will craft a bespoke website that is perfect for your audience and your business’s niche. But it’s your vision, so you’ll be with us every step of the way.



When you’re happy with the designs we will bring them to life using the latest web technologies and animation techniques.

We’re fluent in all the nerd-speak (coding languages) so you can sit back while we do the heavy lifting. Don’t worry - we’ve been staring at screens since we were kids, we’re used to it.



Once your website is launched we will continue to monitor and optimise its traffic flow to maximise conversions and you ROI ove-time.
Building a website is just the first step in building a great product and compare, monitoring and optimising over time is what wins repeat customers.

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We’re real people. We’re not robots, and you’re not a number on a spreadsheet. We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line, and let’s talk.

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